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Bone Health

How will this product help?Many studies have shown that scoliosis patients are prone to vitamin D3 deficiency, often as the result of a genetic variant.  Taken just once a week, Bone Matrix Support will increase your body’s ability to absorb Calcium and make stronger bones...
How will this product help?This highly concentrated liquid form of vitamin D3 contains 1000IU of the active form of vitamin D3, in a convenient tasteless liquid. Many studies have shown that scoliosis patients are prone to vitamin D deficiency leading to bone health issues like osteoporosis. ..
How will this product help?Scoli Strong Bone Formula is a comprehensive approach for supporting healthy bone density, by encouraging the rebuilding of lost bone matrix, as well as re-mineralizing the bone.  It may be used during any stage (pre, during, or late) of osteoporosis. ..
How will this product help?Vitamin K2 is central to the metabolism of calcium and vitamin D3 is a necessary part of maintaining normal bone health.  This product is formulated to nutritionally support healthy bone density, increase skeletal strength, and improve bone remodeling, all of which ma..
How will this product help?Bone normally breaks down and re-builds at a similar rate, however, the bone breaking down process often out paces the bone re-building process as Estrogen levels decline.  Scoliosis OsteoDefender slows the process of bone breaking down...
MetalBind is designed to help the body reduce damaging heavy metals in the bloodstream from surgical hardware. It features specialized ingredients help the body detoxify heavy metals from metal implants, or environmental exposure.Detoxification support for post-fusion scoliosis patientsDetoxificatio..
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