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How will this product help?Many studies have shown that scoliosis patients are prone to vitamin D3 deficiency, often as the result of a genetic variant.  Taken just once a week, Bone Matrix Support will increase your body’s ability to absorb Calcium and make stronger bones...
The COMT enzyme has been shown to be altered more frequently in patients with idiopathic scoliosis. This formula provides the enzymes to support in the stage estrogen metabolism, which seems to be more commonly altered in women with scoliosis...
How will this product help?This highly concentrated liquid form of vitamin D3 contains 1000IU of the active form of vitamin D3, in a convenient tasteless liquid. Many studies have shown that scoliosis patients are prone to vitamin D deficiency leading to bone health issues like osteoporosis. ..
Each capsule provides 5 mg of DHEA derived from the wild yam, allowing for incremental oral supplementation and flexibility with numerous hormone balancing and stress-fighting protocols...
How will this product help?High Histamine levels are frequently seen in patients with scoliosis.  This can interfere with a patient’s ability to create a normal “posture memory”.  Hista Block Food is specifically intended to lower Histamine related reactions to specific food-related sensit..
How will this product help?Histamine Support Kids is a chewable form of our HistaHelper product. This product helps promote a balanced histamine response, which can interfere with normal neurotransmitter function, as well as, reduce symptoms related to allergic reactions from environmental sources (..
Among the dietary factors critical to bone health, vitamin K has emerged as a key player. Vitamin K is believed to be necessary for bone mineralization. Through carboxylation, vitamin K activates osteocalcin, the protein needed to bind calcium to the mineral matrix in bone.[6] Several studies have d..
How will this product help?Methyl Support Kids provides specialized absorbable nutrients necessary for neurotransmitter conversion and detoxification, both of which are found to be problematic for patients with scoliosis.2..
How will this product help?NT Optimizer encourages the healthy utilization of neurotransmitters. Research suggests this to be an underlying factor in scoliosis...
OsteoProtect is formulated to nutritionally support healthy bone density, increase skeletal strength, and improve bone remodeling...
How will this product help?Posture Adapt Liquid a formula designed to help moderate and normalized specific neurotransmitter levels to maximize the effectiveness of scoliosis treatments...
How will this product help?Low serotonin is a common finding in patients with scoliosis.3  Normalizing Serotonin levels has effects on many aspects of a patient’s life including postural control, mood, and ability to sleep...
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