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How will this product help?Declining Estrogen levels a hallmark of the female aging process, but often has negative side effects on bone health, scoliosis, and many other menopause-related symptoms.  Moderating the rate of Estrogen levels may have a positive effect on one or all of these aging ..
How will this product help?Hista Helper is a highly efficient natural approach to the moderation of histamine imbalances linked to scoliosis...
How will this product help?Vitamin K2 is central to the metabolism of calcium and vitamin D3 is a necessary part of maintaining normal bone health.  This product is formulated to nutritionally support healthy bone density, increase skeletal strength, and improve bone remodeling, all of which ma..
How will this product help?The MTHFR Support provides specialized absorbable nutrients necessary for neurotransmitter conversion and detoxification, both of which are found to be problematic for patients with scoliosis.2..
How will this product help?Scoliosis NT Harmony is a natural approach to the moderation of Norepinephrine imbalances linked to scoliosis...
How will this product help?Bone normally breaks down and re-builds at a similar rate, however, the bone breaking down process often out paces the bone re-building process as Estrogen levels decline.  Scoliosis OsteoDefender slows the process of bone breaking down...
How will this product help?Maintaining the normal balance between Progesterone and Estrogen is vital for females with scoliosis.  Scoliosis Progesterone Support increases levels of Progesterone...
How will this product help?Determine how many and which specific genetic variants a patient with scoliosis has is the fundamental basis for all additional testing and nutritional therapies.  In addition, it may be used for purposes of differential diagnosis, prediction of scoliosis onset, and/o..
How will this product help?Research has determined many patients with scoliosis also suffer from multiple genetic variants affecting their ability to produce and maintain normal amounts of digestive enzymes, affecting the body's ability to break down and absorb nutrients...
How will this product help?The ingredient combination is exclusive to our product. No other product in the world contains this combination!  The most unique feature of the reformulated ScoliPAIN Plus is that each ingredient is designed to tackle inflammation and pain at multiple sources simulta..
How will this product help?Several patterns of hormone imbalances have been linked to the onset and progression of scoliosis.  These imbalanced patterns serve as a faulty “posture memory”.  Identification and re-balancing these neurotransmitter levels have been shown to improve treatment o..
MetalBind is designed to help the body reduce damaging heavy metals in the bloodstream from surgical hardware. It features specialized ingredients help the body detoxify heavy metals from metal implants, or environmental exposure.Detoxification support for post-fusion scoliosis patientsDetoxificatio..
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