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NT Support for Kids

NT Support for Kids
NT Support for Kids
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This is our flagship product. In 2012 Dr. Mark Morningstar of the ScoliSMART Labs was the first to identify specific neurotransmitter imbalances in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis. This formula is designed to address this entire imbalance pattern with just one product. For children, taking just one product means better compliance and better results. Some patients have even referred to this product as their ‘scoliosis multivitamin.’


Attention Neuroscience Customers!

For those who have been taking Neuroscience nutrients for their neurotransmitter imbalances can now replace multiple products with ScoliSMART Labs products. Our custom formulations target the specific patterns of imbalance commonly seen in those with idiopathic scoliosis. These custom formulations often save time and money by combining specific nutrients together in one formula, thus allowing patients to purchase fewer products without sacrificing effect. 

Here is an outline of the currently available ScoliSMART Labs products and the Neuroscience products that they replace:

Product Replacement Chart

Old Product

New Product

SeroTrex Posture Memory / Scoliosis NT Support / NT Optimizer 
TravaCor Scoliosis NT Support
TravaCor + Calm G NT Optimizer
Calm PRT/CP Posture Adapt / Scolioisis NT Support
NorLox NT Optimizer


For example, patients previously taking Serotrex and Calm G could replace that pair of products with NT Optimizer. Likewise, Scoliosis NT Support can replace both TravaCor and Calm PRT/CP. Therefore, the combination of Scoliosis NT Support and NT Optimizer can effectively replace all 5 Neuroscience products, which translates into significant cost savings.

Important Terms and Conditions for this product

This supplement is only to be taken in conjunction with a monitored protocol provided by my certified provider, and you have been directed to take this supplement due to results of a urine analysis test that was reviewed by your provider.

This is a maintenance supplement and that the only way to determine the efficacy of the protocol is with a follow-up urine analysis test.

If you are not under the care of a certified provider, this product will not be eligible for refund. 

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