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Posture Memory

Posture Memory
Posture Memory
Posture Memory
Posture Memory
Posture Memory
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Formulation Features


Controlled release form of 5-HTP, the precursor to serotonin for longer-lasting benefits

Supports Healthy Mood and Positive Outlook1

Supports Restful Sleep Pattern2


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Related Research

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How will this product help?

Low serotonin is a common finding in patients with scoliosis.3  Normalizing Serotonin levels has effects on many aspects of a patient’s life including postural control, mood, and ability to sleep.

How does this product work and affect scoliosis? 

Posture Memory is a controlled-release version of 5-HTP, the immediate precursor to serotonin. Studies have found a large percentage of idiopathic scoliosis patients are deficient in Serotonin3, which leads to low conversion of Melatonin, which is often cited as a possible cause of scoliosis curve progression.4