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Scoliosis DNA Test Kit

Scoliosis DNA Test Kit
Scoliosis DNA Test Kit
Scoliosis DNA Test Kit
Scoliosis DNA Test Kit
Scoliosis DNA Test Kit
Scoliosis DNA Test Kit

Test Features


Accurately determines specific genetic variants associated with Scoliosis

Scoliosis DNA Test Kit
  • Stock: 100
  • Results: Detailed report with analysis and suggestions included
  • Processing: Please allow 8-10 weeks for results from the processing lab
  • Restrictions: Available world-wide* & genetic privacy guaranteed

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Questions About Testing

Does the test need to be repeated?

The recommended time frame at which to retest is shown in your report. However, you or your provider may or may not recommend retesting at a different interval depending upon your response to the nutrients.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the tests?

Some major medical insurances (not including Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, and other Federal insurance plans) may reimburse you for the cost of this test.

Related Research

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*DNA test is not available in the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, Crimea Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Mali, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, South Sudan, Antarctica, Brazil, South Korea, Japan


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How will this product help?

Determine how many and which specific genetic variants a patient with scoliosis has is the fundamental basis for all additional testing and nutritional therapies.  In addition, it may be used for purposes of differential diagnosis, prediction of scoliosis onset, and/or prediction of severe curve progression.

How does this product work and affect scoliosis? 

Scoliosis is far more than just a spinal curvature. Decades of research have uncovered various genetic variants that are associated with scoliosis. Many of these genetic variants can directly impact the onset or progression of scoliosis. Therefore, it is important to address any genetic variants that may predispose scoliosis to continually get worse over time, even into adulthood.