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ScoliPAIN Extended Relief

ScoliPAIN Extended Relief
ScoliPAIN Extended Relief
ScoliPAIN Extended Relief
ScoliPAIN Extended Relief
ScoliPAIN Extended Relief
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  • Cost per Dose: $1.57
  • Dosage: 2 tablets daily with food
  • Cost per Day: $1.57
  • Supply: 30 days

Formulation Features


Increased absorption, long-lasting controlled release 

Ingredients designed to target muscle aches and pains

Bioperine enhances absorption of curcumin by up to 2000% 1

Contains the highest concentration of curcumin on the market (95% curcuminoids)

Common Questions About Supplements

How long do you recommend taking the listed supplements?

Our chief concern at ScoliSMART is how these products may affect the outcomes of your child’s scoliosis during growth. However, once your child reaches skeletal maturity, or for Adult patients, your provider may recommend these products on an ongoing basis to address any non-spinal symptoms or genetic variants.

Will these products have any negative side effects?

The supplements we recommend are all-natural, organic, Kosher, and non-GMO. However, parents should discuss these supplements with their pediatrician if they are taking any prescription medications.

What can be expected once supplementation starts?

Although the primary goal of these supplements is to support scoliosis therapy, many parents notice positive improvements in their children’s behavior and focus as well.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the supplements?

Although health insurances do not typically cover supplements, many FSA or HSA accounts will reimburse you for them if your treating provider writes a letter of medical necessity.

Will taking the recommended supplements alone improve scoliosis?

No. The nutritional interventions may help prevent further curve progression, as well as improve treatment outcomes. The recommendations in this report are intended to be done in conjunction with a scoliosis-specific exercise program like ScoliSMART BootCamp or the Scoliosis Activity Suit.

What if taking pills is a problem?

Many of the supplements are available in liquid and chewable forms. Also, capsules can be opened and the powdered contents can be mixed in juices or applesauce.

Related Research

1. Shoba G, Joy D, Joseph T, et al. Influence of piperine on the pharmacokinetics of curcumin in animals and human volunteers. Planta Med 1998 May;64(4):353-56.

2. Gupta SC, Patchva S, Aggarwal BB. Therapeutic roles of curcumin: lessons learned from clinical trials. AAPS J. 2013 Jan;15(1):195-218.

3. Morningstar MW, Strauchman M, Fleischmann G (2015) Controlled Release Curcumin for the Treatment of Pain Related to Adult Degenerative Scoliosis: A Retrospective, Open-Label, Case-Controlled Series. J Pain Relief 4:192.


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How will this product help?

This highly bioavailable form of curcumin (95% curcuminoids), the active anti-inflammatory compound in turmeric.2 Our custom formula is combined with BioPerine™, a black pepper extract that significantly enhances absorption. It also utilizes a time-release delivery method to maximize cost-effectiveness and maintain blood levels longer.  Long-lasting effective muscle pain relief without the risk of addiction or long-term organ damage.

How does this product work and affect scoliosis? 

Long-term scoliosis studies have shown that adults with scoliosis are at a higher risk for developing chronic pain. The ingredients in ScoliPAIN Extended Relief offer people suffering from scoliosis the benefit of sustained pain relief. Each tablet is enteric coated, meaning that it slowly dissolves and absorbs into the bloodstream over a longer period of time, thus providing extended pain relief without resorting to taking several pills several times per day. This is currently the only pain relief supplement on the market today that has been specifically tested in patients with scoliosis.3