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"ScoliPAX" Daily Nutrition!

"ScoliPax" are a convenient, simple, and "no testing needed" way to ensure you and/or your child are keeping up with their scoliosis-related nutritional demands anywhere in the world!

After decades of conducting our own clinical research and combing through 1,000's of published studies, we have developed unique and specialized nutrient therapy packs specifically for patients with scoliosis.  Based on our unique research insights and proprietary clinical knowledge, we have determined 5 distinct nutrient therapy challenges (For Kids, For Adults, Pain Management, Bone Health, & Menopause Relief)  most scoliosis patients want or need to overcome, so they can live their best lives with scoliosis.

These non-drug nutrient therapies are used to support, re-balance, replace, or activate nutrients commonly found to be deficient in scoliosis patient populations. 

All of the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, and produced in the USA. 

💚  The nutrients you need, all together in single-dose daily packs
💚   No counting pills or calculating dosages!
💚  Available Worldwide!
💚  No pill bottles.  Super easy for traveling!
💚  No testing required! Just take them AM & PM
💚  Vegan - Egg Free - Gluten Free - Non-GMO - Peanut Free - Wheat Free
💚  Can be easily mixed with food or juice!

💚  Convenient! Convenient! Convenient!

ScoliPAX for Kids

Recognizing the primary role of neurotransmitter production and digestive health in adolescent patients with scoliosis is a critical advancement in the treatment of scoliosis. This "ScoliPax" for kids with scoliosis is related to neurotransmitter production, digestive enzymes, and probiotics for gut health.

ScoliPAX for Adults

Focusing on scoliosis-related vitamins/minerals, and probiotic gut health.  This ScoliPax provides the most comprehensive, yet still targeted for scoliosis, nutritional coverage for living your best life with scoliosis. 

ScoliPAX Pain Management

Chronic back pain is almost twice as common in adults with scoliosis than in the general population.  This ScoliPax focuses on muscle, tendon, ligament de-inflammation, and histamine reduction with a combination of fast, highly effective, and long-lasting non-drug natural pain reduction agents. 

ScoliPAX Bone Health

Bone health is a BIG deal for most women and especially women with scoliosis, as declining bone health with age often leads to fractures, but also spinal curve progression requiring surgical intervention. These ScoliPax are designed for increasing the amount and quality of bone production.


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