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ScoliSMART Activity Suit

ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
ScoliSMART Activity Suit
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  • Exchange: 10-day Free Size Exchange
  • Return: 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Restrictions: Adults 18+ only with ScoliSMART Doctor Approval
  • Secure: 100% HIPAA Compliant process

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Just 4 Simple Steps to get a ScoliSMART Activity Suit (SAS)

Let us help you determine if SAS is right for you!

Send us your x-ray for evaluation and purchase approval

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Four easy options to submit your full spine standing x-ray:

  • Upload your x-ray via website
  • Email a picture of the x-ray along with your name to
  • Text a picture of the x-ray along with your name and email address to 920-619-6518
  • Mail an x-ray CD along with your name and email address to 504 West Orange St., Lititz PA 17543

Receive a ScoliSMART Doctor assessment and recommendations

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The doctor assessment will help you to:

  • Learn if the SAS is right for you
  • See how the SAS works and will help you
  • Receive additional opportunities to live your best life with Scoliosis

Submit measurements to build your SAS and claim FREE gifts

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Living your best life with Scoliosis is only one more step away!

  • Provide three quick & simple body measurements
  • Welcome to ScoliNATION: Select your free gifts
  • Ask us your questions!

Purchase your ScoliSMART
Activity Suit

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Lastly, we will send you:

  • A list of accepted forms of payment
  • The review of your order
  • An approximate shipping date

Why Use the ScoliSMART Activity Suit?

Feel Better!

Reduces scoliosis-related pain and helps you get back to the activities you love!

Stops further curve progression and can actually improve curvature for most patients

Recommended for both fused and non-fused adults with scoliosis

Can be worn under or over clothing

It’s Risk Free!

30-day satisfaction guarantee
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Easy return policy
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10-day "Sure Fit" exchange guarantee
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Online and phone-based customer service, support and training 

We are confident you will love your ScoliSMART Activity Suit (SAS)! Use your SAS 30* days to see how it will fit into your lifelong daily journey with scoliosis. *Results vary. Many patients experience significant improvement within the first 2 weeks; however it can take up to 6 months to notice consistent pain reduction.

Don't see the SAS as part of your lifelong journey with scoliosis? No problem. Simply email for immediate assistance.

We will exchange any size pieces within the first 10 days to make sure your ScoliSMART Activity Suit is a perfect fit. We will even cover the cost of shipping!

Insurance Coverage and Payments

Contact insurance carrier regarding coverage for code A9300

Financing in the USA available through

Major Credit/Debit Cards, HSA and FlexSpending are accepted

Instructions for claim submission with Superbill included with purchase

How Does the ScoliSMART Activity Suit Work?


Provides excellent support for the thoracic spine and rib cage.


Creates resistance between the torso and hips which helps guide the untwisting muscle activity.


Provides excellent support for lumbar spine and pelvic tilt/rotation.


Causes the resistance between the body and leg creating increased muscle activity in the spine.


The ScoliSMART Activity Suit has been designed to create a resistance training effect on your spine. Each time you take a step, the suit activates muscles in your spine, which helps reprogram muscle firing and coordination. By triggering a response every time you take a step, your scoliosis and posture will improve and become more functional and stable. Often, when muscles coordinate better, patients experience better movement and less pain.

We’re Here to Support You

ScoliSMART Activity Suit User Guide with wear schedule, treatment schedule & recommendations

Online instruction videos

First 30 days program and 12-month treatment plan

Online Coach available at

Scoliosis Warriors LOVE their ScoliSMART Activity Suit!

Saturday the hubby and I hiked from the L.A. Zoo area over the hills to the Griffith Observatory! All in my Super Suit (aka SAS)!!! A few of the trails we chose were more than a bit steep but we made it!!! And my back did not hurt ... a little at the end but that was normal after a 6.5 mile hike. I’m 52 and have an S curve of a little over 70/30.

I hiked 2 miles UP A MOUNTAIN (about 4 miles total round trip!) last weekend with my ScoliSMART Activity Suit and had NO pain!! I had stopped wearing it for the last month or so, but putting it back on and tackling this beautiful hike felt amazing!! It was a challenge, don’t get me wrong! But I couldn’t be more proud of myself for doing it!

X-rays before and after the ScoliSMART Activity Suit show results!

In a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine:

Pain and Radiographic Outcomes in Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis Patients Using a Scoliosis Activity Suit: An 18-Month Case Controlled Chart Review. January 2015 International Journal of Clinical Medicine 06(09):597-604

  • 79% of adult patients achieved a curve correction of 6˚ or greater
  • Adult patients achieved a 54% reduction in pain
  • Adult patients wearing a suit achieved an average scoliosis correction of 10 degrees

When compared to surgical treatments, the ScoliSMART™ Activity Suit offers longer-lasting results and is completely non-invasive. It is also virtually risk-free. Scoliosis surgery, meanwhile, is extremely invasive and riddled with potential complications. Spinal surgery to stabilize adult scoliosis often fails to eliminate pain or improve breathing function, and many patients report zero improvements in their quality of life post-operation. Scoliosis surgery also risks implant failure, nerve damage, chronic pain, and infection. In short, the ScoliSMART™ Activity Suit is a safer, superior way to treat adult scoliosis.

What is the process for getting the SAS?  

Gather the necessary information requested including a full-body image, scoliosis x-ray, and driver's license. Follow the instructions under the “Get Started Now” tab on our webstore. Once reviewed by a doctor an approval to purchase will be sent to the email address provided for you to complete your purchase.

How is it different from a brace? 

Braces, including Spine Cor, are designed to artificially push or pull the spinal curve straighter. The result is a temporary and passive approach that leads to muscle weakening over time. The ScoliSMART Activity Suit has been designed through advanced engineering and human biomechanical analysis in order to stimulate and engage deep layer spinal muscles while you perform normal activities of daily living. 

What activities can or can't I do while wearing the ScoliSMART Activity Suit? 

There are no restrictions while wearing the ScoliSMART Activity Suit. Patients are encouraged to avoid activities known to aggravate their condition and the ScoliSMART Activity Suit is not recommended for use while swimming.  

What type of X-Ray do I need? 

The doctor needs to clearly see your scoliosis curve and pattern, the medical term is a “72 inch full spine standing scoliosis X-Ray”. There should also be a visual indicator of the direction on the X-Ray - normally shown as a R or L on the image. We can accept an adult x-ray that is up to 5 years old. You can obtain an x-ray from your general practitioner or chiropractor. 

What is the largest curve I can have?

There is not a minimum or maximum curve size to determine if you are a candidate for the ScoliSMART Activity Suit.  Only a trained and experienced ScoliSMART doctor can make this determination.  

What types of scoliosis respond well to the ScoliSMART Activity Suit? 

Idiopathic, degenerative, and biomechanical scoliosis often respond well. The SAS is not suitable for congenital or infantile scoliosis. 

Can I use the SAS if I've had spinal fusion or scoliosis tethering? 

Possibly. It will have to be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Are the results from using the ScoliSMART Activity Suit permanent? 

Current data has proven a lasting effect for over 10 years at this time. 

How is the SAS different/better than a brace? 

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit (SAS) is not a brace and completely differs in its effect on your scoliosis condition. The SAS strengthens and retrains the misfiring muscle patterns around your spine often resulting in a straighter spine with less pain. Bracing can weaken your muscles and often causes more pain long-term. 

Will it make my spinal muscles weaker? 

No, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit is an active rehab process that increases core strength and stability. 

Where can I find research on the SAS? 

Please see the research section on  

Why do I have to be over 18 to order?  

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit is not intended to be a “standalone treatment” for growing kids who are most at risk for severe curve progression.  For adolescents (patients under 18) the ScoliSMART Activity Suit is used as part of a broader approach treatment effort that can include clinical testing, nutrient therapy and Scoliosis BootCamp. The ScoliSMART Activity Suit is appropriate as a standalone treatment option (but, still part of an overall lifetime treatment effort) for the more stable adult scoliosis cases.

Does the ScoliSMART Activity Suit reduce pain? Does it hurt to use it? 

Studies have proven it is effective at decreasing pain in adult scoliosis patients. Like any new exercise, the suit must be worn initially in small increments to avoid overuse and fatigue which will generate discomfort.  Please follow the wear guide instructions found in the product user guide. 

If my weight fluctuates, will my SAS still fit comfortably?

Each piece of the SAS comes in 3” increments with adjustable Velcro closures so it can accommodate weight changes. The material also has some stretch to it, providing additional flexibility.

How much does the ScoliSMART Activity Suit cost?

The price of the SAS is $995.00 USD. There may also be import or customs fees, and possible VAT (value added tax assigned by your country) that you will be responsible for if you are outside of the US.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express), PayPal, HSA, Flex Spending Accounts, and CareCredit. For International orders, we accept credit cards only.

Are there payment plans available?

Purchases made with CareCredit allow you to pay for your ScoliSMART Activity Suit in smaller monthly payments. If you would like to learn more about CareCredit, or if you would like to apply for a CareCredit account, please visit

Is it covered by my insurance?

Health insurance coverage for the ScoliSMART Activity Suit depends on your specific health insurance policy for the A9300 code.  

ScoliSMART will provide a superbill to assist customers with insurance coverage/reimbursement.

Can I use Medicare or Medicaid?

Unfortunately, no, these policies do not cover the ScoliSMART Activity Suit, because it is not a brace.

Is there a warranty, and what does it cover?

There is a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on faulty stitching or failure not caused by excessive wear.

Is there a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

Every customer will have 30 days to determine if the ScoliSMART Activity Suit is a "good fit" (pun intended) for their lifestyle and daily routine.

Please note, scoliosis is a lifetime journey and customers should not have an expectation for dramatic symptom or curve reduction results by the end of the initial 30 day period.

10-day "Sure Fit" free size exchange: If there are fit issues, you must contact us within 10 days of receiving your ScoliSMART Activity Suit to make arrangements for size adjustments. If you are not satisfied, please contact our customer care department to receive directions on how to return for a refund. Returns for a refund include free shipping for US residents; international customers** are responsible for shipping costs.

Once returned you will be refunded the original purchase price, excluding:
The cost of any accessories not returned to ScoliSMART.
The original delivery cost as specified in the customer’s order. 

**International orders: ScoliSMART is unable to provide prepaid return labels for international customers. Pieces returned to ScoliSMART are at the expense of the customer. Customers may use courier of choice and must include tracking. Refunds are given once the return item is received.


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The patented ScoliSMART Activity Suit is a lightweight neoprene support that works with your body's natural movements, creating new muscle memory while actively reducing and stabilizing adult scoliosis. Unlike rigid scoliosis braces, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit has been designed Continue Reading through advanced engineering and human biomechanical analysis in order to stimulate and engage deep-layer spinal muscles while you perform the normal activities of daily living.

Research has demonstrated that adults who wore the activity suit for just a few hours daily for six months reported improved function, decreased pain, and measurable x-ray improvements.

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit can be worn under or over clothing and enables tremendous freedom of normal movement, allowing you to experience excellent curve support without altering your routine. The ScoliSMART Activity Suit is easy to use, simple to put on accurately, requires little care maintenance, and is backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.